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Speaker mounts or stands for KG 1.5


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Hi All - 


I am currently using 4 of the KG 1.5's for my side/rear surrounds.  I have had them for many years and usually just had them placed on the floor since I didn't have room for stands. 


New house, new room more dedicated for the theater set-up.  Unfortunately our builder was being a pain and I couldn't get the surround points wired prior to the walls going up, otherwise I most likely would have done in-wall/ceiling speakers for the surrounds.   


My question is with the KG 1.5's, are there any recommended mounting brackets or speakers stands?  The bottoms have some threaded holes that I resume are for brackets or for the stands?


Would appreciate any thoughts/guidance.  



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When I first got a pair of the same speaker, there were spikes screwed into the bottom. Also with the deal, were a pair of Optimus 18 inch tall speaker stands. Unscrewed the spikes and just sat the speaker on top. Could have put holes in the stand but, due to their weight, never had a problem with their vibrating off. Mind you, 18 inches off the floor was not ideal height but, certainly was much better than just sitting on the floor. And of course taller speaker stands exist. When seated, the 18 inches is better than the floor. As for mounting on a wall, will let others give you their opinion.




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30 minutes ago, brad0112 said:

Thanks @billybob!

I always thought the threaded holes were to attach to mounting brackets, but I guess not!

Well, I am not certain about why they are threaded. Made no sense to me finding the spike on a smaller speaker. Usually find spikes on larger speakers so, if you do a wall mount, would be more desirable to use the threaded holes instead of making new ones, if possible. We have yet to hear from the HT guys around this place.

An advantage of stands are, easily moved for audio tweaking and, can sometimes hide the wire along the wall. If under the floor is accessible, a small hole for a clean install, after you determine where placement will remain.




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