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New House - Trying to Decide... Home Theater Setup?


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OK, I am building a new house and have a question about the setup of my home theater. I'm pretty happy w/ the setup of everything but am unsure about the rear speakers (both l and r). I am hoping to get RS-3 surrounds but don't know if they are a good match for my setup. The only place I can mount them (and keep them symetrical) is on the rear wall, right behind the sitting area. I came up w/ a crude picture - hope it helps. I wanted to mount them on the side walls 'shooting across' the sitting area (dark blue couch...) but the left would be out in the hallway!

Is this going to sound ok? I'm new to this and would love some help. Actually, I'm trying to decide between a NHT setup, or a Klipsch...

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It looks to me that your environment dictates those rear speaker placements. Ideally they would be a foot or 2 behind the couch firing at each other. Try angling them in at different degrees to see what sounds best.

Sorry I can't comment on the RS3's compatibility without knowledge of your other components.





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Yes, the RS-3 would be the best choice of surrounds to match your RF-3 mains and RC-3 center channel; and stupidass was correct... the rear placement option would seem to be your only one, short of mounting them on stands, which would place your Left Surround near the traffic flow of your stairway.

Your other option is to scrap your floor plan, and plan it completely around an ideal HT set-up. My spouse just glares at me in silence if I mention this sort of idea cwm38.gif.


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RS-3's are not bipolar, they are WDST; Wide Dispersion Surround Technology. There is no null zone as with bipole or dipole design. WDST offers a unique mix of localization and envelopment. WDST speakers also allow much more flexible placement for optimal results.

End of sermon/sales pitch. Thanks for listening, we now return to our regularly scheduled program...

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