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RSW-12 Subwoofer issues


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3 hours ago, babadono said:

And don't forget with either open or shorted inputs there is no signal so be sure the AUTO/OFF/ON is set to ON

OK I am mis speaking here sorry. To be clear make sure the sub is powered up. Do this by setting the AUTO- ON/OFF to DISABLE and using only the POWER Switch to turn ON and OFF.


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well I just received my original RSW12 amp fully repaired so I was going to hook up that sub to see if it has the same issues as the one mentioned.  I also bought a blue jeans isolater.  However, the pioneer receiver I have no longer outputs sound lol.  I guess the UE22 error I've been having finally killed the receiver :(


looking at at purchasing a receiver now to get back to isolating the sub issue

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On 7/11/2017 at 5:16 PM, Cirdecus said:

Oh I was also able to reproduce the noise using the short method mentioned earlier.  I just grabbed a spare RCA cable and connected the center peg with the outer ring using a screwdriver.


OK so with a shorted input and a 2 prong power cord(no earth ground connection) you get a bad hum/noise from your sub. Then there is something wrong with the sub itself.

Or is that what you deduced and you sent the amp for repair and now have it back? I'm having a hard time following what you've done and when you did it.

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Sorry it's confusing lol.  Here's a better breakdown:


1) Originally had an RSW-12 sub that had recently stopped turning on.  I sent the amp to edwards electronics for repair.

2) While it was being repaired, I bought a set of RF7 towers, an RC7 center and another RSW-12 sub from a local guy who was selling them on ebay in great condition

3) The sub I purchased is the one that has the issue described in this thread.  


I was thinking since my newly repaired amp was on it's way back, i could get the original RSW-12 sub working and see if it had the same issues as the new one I just purchased as a troubleshooting method.


So here's an UPDATE:


1) Original sub with the newly repaired amp had a similar hum when plugged into the receiver.  A day later, the receiver stopped playing audio completely.  The UE22 error on the ELITE receiver is still present.  I reset the receiver back to factory defaults.  Same problem.


2) Bought a new Denon AVR-X3300W receiver from crutchfield that was just delivered.  Everything plays perfectly.  The sub issues I had with the purchased sub is gone completely and the newly rebuilt RSW-12 sub plays awesome also.


So i'm chalking this one up to a failed receiver.  

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Good afternoon @babadono,

I noticed your offer to provide a Klipsch RSW-12 service manual.  I have this Subwoofer and it has not powered up in a few years.  I would like to dig into the root cause, and the service manual could be very helpful.  Would you allow me to have a copy as well.


Thanks in advance

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