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Should I buy KPT 535 T for LCR?

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What drivers are on the K402 and K510..?


You have all the ingredients to make an awesome 2-way or 3-way system.


I ran the K402/K-1133 and K510/B&C-DE75 with Klipsch passive networks and the LF flipped on their sides for a lower vertical height of the system. 



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Wow. You made a great deal there. If you feel that they are to bright in the Highs you can do this, I have used in the past some acoustical transparent foam stuffed in the throat of the horn and that will soften the high-end fatigue the fact is that most of all of the KPT's were designed to be installed behind a theater screen that was acoustically transparent My last setup using the kpt line was two of the lot-904's 6 of the kpt-100 for the sides and rears and two kpt-484. Witch were the single 18" sub driver
The 904's are a two way speaker, it was more or less a Cornwall without the mid { squawker} horn and had two 15" low drivers, and what I did was open up the backs and redid the wiring so I could make it a 3 way. I used a art 3 way stereo / 4 way mono electronic crossover. And what I did on the wiring was I wired the bottom woofer for my lows [ 120hz up to 300hz] and the upper woofer I crossed it over at 260hz up to 2500hz and everything above this went the the very large horn, and for the lot-484's I crossed the at 140hz. And for the amps I had about 16 of those little marantz mono amps that were 100 watts each. I think the model number was the ma500. Sweet little amps and small and I was able to place them right by each speaker, I did have the harshness sound from the horns. I tried a few things to make it a little softer, I tried speaker grill cloth, that did not work very well. And one day I had a large ups shipment come in and low and behold, all the items that I had in the boxes had this soft but firm black blocks for packing. They were about 12" by 12" by 36" long
I used a very long serrated bread knife and shaped them to fill the hole mouth and throat of the horn. And WOW that did the trick. It made the sound soft and sweet but I could still hear the drummer using his steel wire sticks on the symbols and hear him sliding them across the symbols. Sorry if I got off track on your post and I did not read all the replies. I just seen the photos and it brought back memories of that setup I had and all the problems I ran into. So I hope this helps in anyway shape or form. Enjoy your new unicorn of speakers

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On ‎7‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 6:13 PM, MookieStl said:

I think I helped you get rid of your "smaller" set up. Those tiny surrounds you were using that didn't quite cut it (La Scala Industrial Splits) When people ask me about those "huge" speakers and I tell them I bought them from a guy that was using them as surrounds, for some reason, they don't believe me.


They don't believe you?   Well, that shows what they don't know. That's what I use. 


Four years ago, I bought a pair of La Scala IIs.  I already had Heresy IIs for surround, and wondered what to do with the first-generation La Scalas I'd been using for Main Left and Right.  Very soon, I moved the La Scalas behind the sofa and hooked them up to be my new surround speakers.  I also put them on 13.5"/34 cm. risers so they'd fire over the sofa.  They made a much better match with the 402 JubScala IIs main speakers than the Heresy IIs had, since they're pretty similar.


If you have the room and the budget, the best setup for surround sound is a complete set of matching speakers, so that sounds change as little as possible when they move around the room.

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