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SOLD: KP-250ii in Miami, Florida

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Located in Miami, Florida 33177

Selling locally my pair of Klipsch professional KP-250 ii speakers with white grills. Speaker cabinets were originally white, but stripped down to raw birch. I was using these in my apartment, but found another pair of Heresys to take their place.


Everything is, as I got them except for the cabinets are now raw birch.

There are 2 small holes on the side left and 1 of the back of each cabinet.

Factory pole setting on bottom, composed for 4 bolts in a 4x4 pattern.


Grills are factory white.


All drivers are Klipsch professional.


Crossovers KP 2.5 D


Looking for $SOLD cash for the pair.



Thanks for reading













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Very nice, I love the sound of my KP-250's. That untreated finish looks really nice. Too bad you aren't local, although I am not sure I have any more room.




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I sent a PM to you here and through another site where you have them listed but have yet to hear from you. I just need to know the dimensions and weight to see if I can have them shipped to me after they pick them up from you. Thanks!

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Saw these the other day while browsing. Was going to post it here. Pretty nice!


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