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How to Brace KLF-30 Properly and Show your Photos.

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Everyone will brace them differently since everyone will have their own acceptable volume loss.  It also depends on if you are trying to make sure your back stays in place.


Typically simple H-braces will work if you don't have to fix the back.  Two or three, between the woofers and the mid horn and woofer would be good.  Put as much meat against the front and back panels as possible or add another slat across the H-brace locked against the front and back panel.  This is about the only way (using individual slats) if you are not tearing down the speaker and just putting them through the holes in the front.

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I'm planning on bracing both of my sets of 30's this coming winter. Good thread.

If I recall correctly, MJ had a thread on AK showing how he braced his 20's.....and I think another member...or two...chimed in with their projects as well.

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21 hours ago, Mighty Favog said:

Be REAL careful about how much bracing you put in there. Remember, every cubic inch of material put in that cabinet also decreases the needed internal cab volume.

Yes, the KLF-30 woofers would like to see more air not less.

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