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SOLD - La Scalas in New Orleans

Sky Hits

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For sale in New Orleans: A pair of Klipsch La Scalas. I bought these last year from a forum member on the Gulf Coast. No labels. Probably were raw birch, someone refinished them at some point and they look quite pleasing. Photos attached. 


I have the AL networks they came with but I also purchased Bob Crites AA networks and installed them.


$1,500 with Crites AA networks, $1,200 stock. 




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8 hours ago, Sky Hits said:

Never give up the hunt and they will come your way! I've been wanting Klipschorns for years and finally got so lucky!


what ^ he ^ said... it took me a little while (not that long, really though) watching, waiting, considering possibilities while looking for a pair of CW's.

I finally found a pair a fair distance away, and then the seller said he planned a trip & could bring them with him.  reducing my travel distance by 6 hrs!

I got a beautiful, great sounding pair in return for waiting a few things out...


patience, grasshopper.  and good luck

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