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I used to drive 13 hours to go see the boys in Hope.  Did it a few times a year.  I got my Horns in '78 from the sales manager at the time.  They were made for him, but he took another job in Texas and when I was visiting him at his place in Washington (outside of Hope) he made me a deal I couldn't pass up on these rather rare horns.  Later, Paul said, you SOB, I don't even have speakers that nice! I said; ya wanna buy some?  Hahaha.  Also, the guys gave me all the T-Shirts, original showroom sign, all types of memorabilia. All early stuff, which I was so thankful for.  So, all these years later, still enjoying my horns and everything the boys did for me.  Paul gave me the Crown amp and preamp.  Bob Morris and VeeGee gave me the Thorns turntable. I'm blessed.


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Welcome Danial, thanks for sharing your story. :emotion-22:

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