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WTB K-31-K Woofer


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3 hours ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

You're welcome.  Congrats on your score. Ditto to what Brandon said in the other thread: I like my KLF 30, too,. He is the hero who set me up with the Mahogany KLF. 


Not sure if you've read about the glue issue, but it's an easy fix.

Are yours the mahogany 30's and C7 that were up for sale a few weeks back? Those are beautiful.


I love my 20's, so I'm interested to see how the 30's compare. Maybe I'll A-B them tonight.


I sent Tom a message and he still has the pair of K-31's. Thanks for the heads up!

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6 hours ago, burninator said:

I'm asking if you bought the ones that were recently for sale.

Oh, still no lol.


I have had the Mahogany KLF30 since early 2014. In February 2013, I scored my first pair, in Black. They were always too far away, or too expensive. The Black ones were only a couple of counties over and the Mahogany were a lot farther.   

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