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To drive my Heresys...

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jfjacques    10

i recently acquired some Heresy and am on the fence about trying tubes - I am currently driving with a Marantz 2265b and it sounds fantastic. Look forward to hearing your opoinion on the MP301. 


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RightDeaf    0

Early impressions of Musical Paradise MP301 Mk3:  Right off,  the MP301 was well packed, double boxed, tubes packed in a foam surround.  The power tubes were 6L6 Chinese generic, and the preamp tubes were Chinese Shuguang branded.   What immediately surprised me was that my Cornwalls got loud with just a slight twist of the volume control, and that's in a rather large room with 12' ceilings.  Vinyl sounded especially smooth and pleasant through my Black Cube phono preamp.  Some of my CD's had a hint of harshness.  First thing I did was replace the Chinese preamp tubes with some vintage NOS RCA black 6SJ7's.   I decided to try the reissue Mullard EL34 power tubes to replace the Chinese 6L6's.  This improved the treble on CD's; however, I needed more smoothness and warmth.  After spending gobs of time reading reviews and forums, I decided to go with the Russian Tung-Sol 7581A power tubes which took this amp to where I wanted to be sound wise.   Smooth midrange and bass with clean, clear highs.  This is a fun little amp which I expect will only get better with time.  

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