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Theater setup


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justinra,   I used to work for EV so have had the EVID 4.2 for many years.  Seven of them to be exact.  I am changing my office over to theater in the basement.  So by default I am using what I have.  Have not heard any other speakers in Atmos layout.  I have all Klipsch Forte 1 on the ground floor and the four EVIDs in the rafters.  It sound great to me,  but my hearing is not the most acute!   The Evids are two way with 2 four inch woofers and a one inch tweeter.   They can take alot of power.  My main concern beside the general timber, was the difference in efficiency to the Forte.    The Marantz easily balanced that speaker level out.  I think I am like -4 of the fronts and like +5 on the EVIDS.  Regardless it sound very integrated and nice to me.     I am torn between make a next amplifier investment in a four channel for the EVIDs to take that off the Marantz,   or a 2 channel for the L and R channels.  I like to much direct stereo.    I the cost of health insurance these days,  I probably will just settle for what I have.  I like it.

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Sorry I forgot to mention that 10 years ago when I started working remote I remodeled the basement for my home office.  To keep it quiet from the rest of the house and to help the underfloor hot water heat not to run to much,  I asked the carpenter to stuff the rafters full of insulation before he installed the drop ceiling.   What a stroke of lucky genius that was.  Now as my theater room,  I do have the start of fairly good room acoustics.  The ceiling is a big bass trap and room sound very nice.  What I don't understand,  is when calculating room dimensions,   What height ceiling do I have?  I don't think the low midrange and bass,  even know I have a drop ceiling at 7.5 feet!

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D. Ryan.   I am surprised how much I can enjoy listening to music with DTS X virtual.  With that Surround sound mode on the Marantz 7010,  some information is sent up to the ceiling speakers. I am mostly pleased with the expansion of the sound stage.  Music and TV!

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On 7/27/2017 at 9:42 AM, nlt6mor said:

My ceilings are 7.5' drop acoustic ceilings.   Joists stuffed with fluffy FG throughout.  The Evids 4.2s tuck in pretty nicely and can be aimed to the listening position.  So far I am happy.  Simple 2x2 grilles to cover the back two and will build a big cloud absorber 4x8 to cover the front two.  5.1.4 in this set up.  Forte 1s for the base layer.   edit, New pic is the homemade frame installed, 

covered by linen from JoAnnes.5979fb9e18060_FrontHeight.thumb.jpg.dace3c9b60512821f2f7717de7944db0.jpg 

Rear heights.jpg


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