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What I Got Today!


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I was having some coffee with an old  friend this morning and he mentioned needing to haul a bunch of crud out of his storage unit to the thrift store. Long story short, He gave me  a Jamo 7.2 center channel speaker, a Denon AVR-1312 (with remote but missing the volume knob), and a KSW-10! A little rough around the edges, but it all works :emotion-21:!

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And so it seems my luck continues. Was looking through Craigslist at a vintage Kenwood receiver. Nothing special about it really. But in the 4 poorly taken photos in what looks to be like am old warehouse, I spot it. Sitting on top of a speaker. I text, and the guy can't even tell me the make or model. I know it's a Dynaco ST70, but what condition is it in. So off to Houston again with the $450.00, he says he will take, I go. Now the interesting part. I bring my tube tester, Fluke 77 and variac. But the seller is doing some remodeling on a vacant home. So I plugged in my tube tester, begin to pull on of the Mullard 6CA7's real carefully, by the base. Trying to wiggle it out of a rather tight socket, I manage to break the only USA manufactured tube in it. The 5AR4. So, I have a Sovtek to try it out with. Going to put a speaker load on it and bring it up slowly on the variac. But this unit has been recapped, and metal film resistors replaced, along with bias measuring test sockets? Really don't know much about Dynaco. But what a find on a Saturday night, late. And a great score today!755637f6609e04eea046377f964f9ba5.jpg

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Some very fine Schmidt audio custom speaker wires...




I'm not a big buffoon about high cost connectors, but these are very well made and relatively moderately priced. I got over 55' of wiring in four strands... terminated, wrapped and shipped for $250...

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so, I'm sure I'm not the only one whose life has been a little busy.  but a little while back, I finally connected with forum member Tom Adams and made a deal for his '72 oiled walnut CW he posted here: fs-oiled-walnut-vert-horn-conrwalls/


wow!  really good looking, awesome sounding great pair of speakers!  I just love them!  finally posting to the "what I got" thread because I finally had some time to resize photos & compose a little about them.  (a 3hr + layover @ ATL on yet another work trip, what better time to post to the forum, right?)


anyway, they are just as beautiful in person as they look online.  recommend the seller.  he delivered as advertised, even helped me load them up.  what a guy!


58dbea1b32af0_CWWRpair-2.thumb.jpg.994609b8d58abfad5bb20c28ee67407f.jpganyway, here they are.  did I say that I absolutely love them?!?

(I would post more but even trying to downsize photos, it still says I'm over the size limit.

oh well.)  but maybe this link works like I hope it does

linky thing



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It was a good day today I received:


1) a Harmony 650 remote to clean up some of the remote clutter on my coffee table. Haven't programmed it yet. No picture.

2) a pair of Klipsch R-15M speakers for the bedroom PC sound system. Still in the box. Picture once I set them up and tidy up a bit.

3) The 4K UltraHD set of Planet Earth II.


So far I've watched the first episode (of 6) and all I can say is WOW!!! If you have a 4K TV and a 4K DVD player the disk is a MUST HAVE. I have a fairly low end 55"  LG TV and the picture quality simply blew me away.



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