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What I Got Today!


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On 5/8/2019 at 10:42 AM, CECAA850 said:

Beautiful pup.


What have you done to protect your speakers and woodwork?  They are chewing machines at this point, and next year or so.




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@Dave1290 Yes I agree on Riley going to be great. I was a Golden fella actually, but no more pups in my life it seems. I will always miss them and always glad to hear when someone gets a new best friend. Yep just awesome, if not a Golden then next up is the German Shepard's.

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The lighting in this room sucks but I picked up some new speakers!


Martin Logan Clarity and the center is a Martin Logan Matinee, which isn’t hooked up at the moment. I am going to put the Clarity’s through their paces for a few days first.







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More built than got. My wife was tired of my "ghetto garden". The old frame was made of weathered, cracked peelers, 1x2's and baling wire, to support the bird netting.  Tore that down and raised another. Just finished the staining. Tomorrow the upper braces go in then the new netting. Should have ripe maters and Peppers 🌶 in about three weeks. (Figs, too) Yum.

 Also trimmed the mesquite canopy, thus the piles of foliage onna ground. Off to the dump tomorrow.




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I dusted off a few of the old pieces and picked up a few new ones. Turned out ok, little cluttered for my liking but I am saving up for a couple weapon replicas to replace some of the figures.

I’ll tell you, I have been having a blast tracking down pieces for my newish display cabinet. It’s almost as much fun as buying new speakers!

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