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What I Got Today!


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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Does this look like "RED" to you? I waited 6 weeks longer to get the exclusive red color. 🤬

They told me this thing can take selfies, and with 5 camera lenses I thought no problem, but nope, I still had to take the picture of this phone using my other phone. 🤳




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On 3/23/2022 at 4:28 PM, babadono said:

you might be surprised what little ones can put where.

"why is there peanut butter in the VCR?"

When I was a kid, I wanted to watch the Flintstones on tv, so I put some Flintstone toys in my dad's VCR. Oops



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Love me some Whistlepig! I've got a 12 year single barrel in hiding for the last 2+ years. Waiting for that special moment.


This came today. Can't wait to dig into it. Might be the last piece of the puzzle for my office.







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@rplace Never cracked that bottle.  I thought the stuff was made here in Ohio from the way the ad looked from Liquor Control.  NOW I see it was made in Vermont???  Says it's a Home Field Hog Batch.  This bespoke batch was blended to celebrate the Ohio Spirit.  So since it's still sealed I should send it to you since you told me a couple years ago where to buy my coffee?  Or keep it and pray it's worth millions?  loll

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