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What I Got Today!


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That's SuperModel Marisa Miller ,
No that's my wife and I'd appreciate it if you kept her name out of your mouth.

To stay on track

Just received these cans, Hifiman HE400SE.

Enjoying some coffee and Nirvana's cover of Lake of Fire.

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OK; finally got my RB-75's. These are absolutely awesome :) Came from BC, Canada and survived the long trip. (Had the seller disassemble the tweeters :) ) They are replacing rear Cornwall's and not really much of a difference.


No clue why Klipsch replaced these with much lesser 6" woofers and 1" tweeters.  Cost-cutting I guess :( 



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My Chorus 2's purchased in pre end-times, May 2019 in FL. Lovingly watched over by a good friend, doing me a favor. They finally arrived home to NY this morning.


Played for about an hour and I will say, it was well worth the wait. They sound big, full, and present. Of course I'm comparing to my RB5s. WOW!!!



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Don't get into here often, but twice in a month? Yea I splurged for some new ruskies. And these deserve to be introduced for some itty bitty 7-pin vacuum tubes to make my little Klipsch sing! They light up different too, and don't have the almost muddy bass of their siblings These NOS Voshkod 6AK5s up the dbs, have the wondrous mid to high range plus more distinct bass.



The music?

"It's Alive!


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The pièce de résistance has arrived.

Soundstage is more articulate and spacious, bass is somehow "tighter" and resonates or vibrates better, vocals are real now - no other way to put it.

And this is coming out of a new pc built with year before last's goodies in it. Monos certainly aren't from upstate NY! The RP-600 IIs probably aren't broken in yet at about 100 hours the sub is a little closer. I might have now extracted everything out of the Crosshair 8 Dark Hero's sound setup that I can. At least all I'm going to do unless some big Klipsch fall into my life :laugh: .


I had some good Schiit.

Now I've got the Killer one t--e Schiit !



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