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What I Got Today!


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On 2/7/2023 at 7:09 PM, yamahaSHO said:



It's a 2020 Branson 2505h, nearly new.  Paid $18k with the front loader, backhoe, and blade.  All the tractors in this size use nearly the same parts. Almost all use the same Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel.  I narrowed my search to a few different make/models and looked for the nicest one I could, with the attachments I wanted.  The backhoe alone, if you had to purchase separately, is like $7k+. 


I hadn't heard of Branson or Yanmar (they makes tractors too and I actually liked their offering in this category), or many other tractor brands, but I have never shopped for a tractor before.  

Yanmar has been around for many years here in New York

Tractors can be a regional thing 

At one time we had a large John Deere dealer, but the family mostly died off, business was Sold

Kubota dealer picked up most of the small tractor business

I can not recall who makes the small Deere tractors, but they are Indonesian



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1 hour ago, JJkizak said:

That almost doesn't look for real. How can that tiny tractor handle all that weight?


The angle of the photo that was taken with an iPhone distorts the size of the bucket. It is exactly the same width as the mower deck...48". And that is minus the safety chute.

It's a small tractor but rather stout. The smallest real tractor Kubota sells here. I've only got 3 acres to deal with....until I can get the old guy to sell some of his bordering land to me.


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6 hours ago, yamahaSHO said:

Wanted to drop some weight off my trailer, so I ordered an aluminum one a few months back and picked it up in South Dakota on a family trip out to Nebraska this past weekend.  It drops 700 lbs compared to the other one I have and is easier to use. 




Where at in Nebraska?

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