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What I Got Today!


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Finished my new Computer build the other day, after running my current system for nearly 20 years... this one was a bit of a upscale challenge.






Audio Codec:

Realtek® ALC4080 Codec
7.1-Channel USB High Performance Audio
Supports S/PDIF output
Supports up to 32-Bit/384 kHz playback on front panel53773793839_62b7a0ba0b_k.jpg
















Running Stress Test... +5.1gz @ 80ºc. well within parameters and running beautifully.




Initial Cinebench test scores...

multicore 34,999

single core 2019


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@Schu nice build!

Mine's a Ryzen 7 from a couple years ago. 4.2 easy out of the box. If my water cooling doesn't go in the middle of the night... I'll hold off until six GHz is easy with DAAMIT  amd/ati .

My case has the mb "sideways" also. I'll never go back it works so well cooling-wise.

I believe all the case-makers are starting to realize they've had the mb sideways for years, and are getting it set up right now.

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The 7950x3d is easily a 5.75ghz cpu, just under the stress test it was dropping to 5.1'ish... normally it runs between 5.4ghz and 5.75ghz.


Initially, I mounted my GPU vertically... and it was working fine, but I think it was just a little cramped and it was blowing heat onto the lower section of the motherboard, so you can see in the photos that I moved it back or Horizontal mount.


complete list:

cpu-AMD 7950x3d

motherboard-msi x670e carbon

memory-gskill 64gb 6000mt @ cl30

storage-2t ssd 7,450/6,900 MB/s read/write

gpu-AMD 7900gre (this might be temporary until we see what is coming out in the next couple of months from Nvidia

psu-msi 1000w

aio-360mm cooling


maybe it is slightly over built for checking emails and trolling forums...

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Nice, Michael! Since my desktop work is rather mundane, I've been going along with an older quad cored Intel cpu. I finally swapped in a different MB and put in a Ryzen 5600G and a bit more memory. It's plenty powerful enough for my work desktop. Our budget at work is rather pitiful, but this is certainly an improvement. We we finally decided to replace anything over 5 years old. We have approx. 350 PCs that three of us manage.

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Under Max load the fans are spinning about 2100rpm... and there are 4 120mm outlet and 3 140mm inlet fans. The aio is 360mm radiator and has 3 120mm fans so that's 10 fans total pushing and pulling airflow. It's reasonably loud at max.... I haven't tested, but maybe 40-45db. This is sitting directly next to it.


At idle and  Cruising the internet, he fans are spinning at 600 to 800 rpms and aren't really loud at all... audible but no where near loud. Of course the fan profiles are all manually adjustable at all load requirements.


One of my personal requirements was noise abatement.


You could go with a lower wattage cpu and not need massive cooling or any cooling at all. But if you have a cpu and a GPU with high capabilities, you're going to need some form of liquid cooling.

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IMG_20240606_204223_(1080_x_1200_pixel).thumb.jpg.724d431f4a54e7918cb196ae3e3cffb0.jpgOK. I'll post.

Me, last month...


AMD 7900X

Asus B650E-F

G.Skill Flare X5 32GB


Samsung 980 Pro 2TB



Cooling is 

Arctic Liquid Freezer III 420 with 6x 140mmx30mm fans in push/pull (side exhausted)

5x 140mm case fans (top exhausted)

4x 200mm case fans (all intake)


Case is

Thermaltake CTE C750 TG RGB

90° motherboard orientation 



.0034sec. Google searches


Also got a stack of Lenovo T480S 14" laptops for the fam. 9th gen Intel i7's in them.





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14 hours ago, babadono said:

@Schu I would love to do(and will) something similar. Good work. How much audible noise does it make?


Okay E, i just did a db test. at rest and interweb surfing the system is pushing <700rpm and between 36db-38db

under full load and fans at max 2100rpm, it's 50db-53db.

these are meterings taken directly against and next to the case.

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you can get a basically completely silent miniPC... while they are more than enough for most people in terms of power, they certainly are not Powerful.

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Please tell me what you think of them. I've read they are outstanding as far as measurements but no experience first or second hand. I like my Topping PA3s and have been looking (and considering) at the L90 Discrete.

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I received a small & potent housewaming gift today!

All the way from  "Down-Under" 

It's bright and as cheerful as a warm summer morning!


Might go in the bathroom once it is framed/protected.

To see it in my peripheral while S-having would be nice.

Why the "S-"? I normally do four Ss each am. You might also.


Thank You Kindly @Full Range



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5 minutes ago, babadono said:

1,2,3...what's the fourth?

Usually, it's the second thing I do most every am.



Shampoo (when I was more young)


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