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Huge System Fire Sale


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8 hours ago, klipschlov said:

Wow, there are a lot of jaded people on this forum.  No this is not a scam, these are real units, check my past post to see all the pictures.  Everything is in 100% working condition, yes they are cheap, but actually I posted here instead of craigslist because I was hoping there are real fans who would enjoy the system, simple as that.  Not everyone is trying to maximize profit.  I absolutely will not ship, pieces are too big and I don't have the time, sorry.  Also, kinda hard to rip someone off in person. 

I did have someone rip me off in person, actually their accomplice mugged me after I bought a computer.


Your prices are excellent, sometimes that draws skepticism.  

I prefer not to ship and meet people in person.  At these prices, I wouldn't want to deal with shipping either.

If you were closer, they would already be in my home.

Good luck with your sale. 



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On 7/24/2017 at 5:00 PM, klipschlov said:

 I absolutely will not ship,

So...you're saying there's a chance.  :rolleyes:




Uh, what I meant was, Good Luck With Your Sale.  B)


Edit:  I just saw ^^^ where it was sold.  I'm glad it went to a forum member.  On behalf of everyone, thanks for letting us have first crack at your nice stuff at fire sale prices.  Seriously, I appreciate it. -Dave

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