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Help connecting SW 8

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GeorgeK    0

I was given my first sub, an SW 8 last weekend. I got my my first avr a Cambridge Audio CX120 2 months ago and would like to know if its safe to hook the sub line levels to the pre outs on the  avr .  The avr has a sub1, sub2 connection but both have 1 connection ea while the sub has 2, left and right. thanks GeorgeK

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wvu80    3769

Pictures would confirm what you are asking, but the answer is you are safe.  You do not need to connect 2 RCA cables to one sub, it is a mono signal.


The sub-OUT from the CX120 should be connected by an RCA cable to the line-IN on the sub.  If there are two RCA jacks on the sub, use the R.  (and if that doesn't work, use the left  :rolleyes:




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