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What receiver will power my Klipsch speakers.


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I have already blown a denon receiver so I'm wondering after much research what receiver would be best for my setup. Not necessarily looking for a certain brand just what power or watts per channel i need etc. I have all Klipsch: 1 x R-110SW , 2 x R24F , 1 x R25C. Maybe I had something setup wrong on the original receiver, idk. I also don't remember what exact receiver I had but I know it was a Denon 5.1. I'll be adding to the setup in the future as well. 2 more surround sound speakers. Any input is wanted. Thanks in advance!



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Welcome to the neighborhood!


*Any* HT receiver will properly power your Klipsch.  Buy for quality, not watts.  You'll commonly be running less than 1 watt average and maybe 50 watt peaks with a movie set to recommended levels.  Be sure your speaker cables do not have stray or exposed wires at either end.  Be sure your receiver has plenty of room to cool itself, or add a cooling fan such as this:


Buy a REALLY good surge protector to protect your gear from AC voltage spikes, such as distant lightning (if it hits your house or one of your trees, something will die).  There is not much else that will kill a receiver. 


Integra, Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, .... Try to spend $500+ and I would not use the audio/video switching in a sub $1000 receiver, if I could avoid it.  Run the audio and video separately to the receiver and TV, respectively. 

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