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Putting K-55s in E-2 type Heresy

J Harris

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I have a line on a pair of K400 horns with alnico K-55 squawkers. I'm thinking of buying them to put in my late-model Heresy I (1985 with ferrite drivers and a plastic horn on the squawker). A few questions for the knowledgeable:

1.) Is it worth exchanging my plastic horns and ferrite drivers for the metal horns and alnico drivers?

2.) One of the two alnico drivers is a K-55-V and one is a K-55-M. Does this make any difference to the sound?

3.) I have the Type E-2 crossover. Will I have to modify this to accommodate the older drivers?

Thanks for any help you guys can give!


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I can't say if the corssover will work, but the K-400 is too long to fit in a Heresy; it and a K-55-V is just short of 24" long. There is a difference in the K-55-V and the -M. The -M is a little more efficient and sounds different. For years Heresies had K-55-Vs on K-700 metal horns. You might want to go that way.


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