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What surrounds do you prefer? Bipole, Bookshelf or Tower


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A seamless, surrounding soundscape is huge for my immersion.  
Hearing bullets whiz past me from my fronts to the rear can make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.  It's equally goosebumpy for well-mixed horror movies! :D


I've been using the RP 240s in a 5.2.2 for a while, but I feel (after calibrations, of course) they're a little too subtle.  I don't always feel the immersion jumping out at me and they leave me wanting more.


What surround speakers have you found work the best for you?
A pair of Klipsch's bipole speakers, bookshelves or maybe even towers?


I've read some people's experiences viewed the positives of bipoles (dispersion, wide sound etc) as negatives.  Others that full sized floor standing towers made for more believable surround sound.  It's something that's up to both personal preference and room dimensions, but it still seems like a tricky thing to find a "perfect" solution for.


I've since ordered a pair of Klipsch RS-62 II which will be arriving soon, I have high hopes for them!  In the meantime I've considered trying my old RP 250fs as surrounds.
My current setup is: rf 7II, rc 64II, rp 240s, rp 140sa, 2x sb 2000

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