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Looking for a Klipsch K-22e woofer (Heresy 1 speaker)


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I am looking for one matching Klipsch K-22e woofer to restore a set of Heresy 1 speakers.


Have a look at the picture to see that it is a square magnet with 67-8305 code on it (not sure if that is important).


I am in Canada and will be driving through New York state to North Adams, MA on Thursday September 14th for the weekend in case someone is located along the way who has one to sell.


I am open to other option, including a set of matching Heresy woofers or perhaps someone has had a set of Heresy woofer's re-coned and has information on who can do a really good job.


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I have a square magnet K-22-E I bought for a spare some time ago, but now I can't see needing it.  The date code is 67 (Eminence)-8119, or the 19th week of 1981.  It should be close enough to yours to sound the same.  How about $US65 + shipping & duty to where ever. 


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My Heresy restoration project was a success and the sound quality of these speakers has exceeded my expectations!


Thus, I am checking to see if anyone along my route of travels through the US (from Toronto to Lubbock around July 13 - 22, 2018 or Toronto to North Adams around September 13, 2018) has another K22-e woofer for sale.


Specifically, the speaker with the dark woofer has the original K-22-e date code 67-8305 woofer and the other one has a K-22-e 67 (Eminence)-8119 - thus, I am looking for a woofer that will match one of these as close as possible.


I haven't taken any frequency response measurements of each of the speakers yet and my ears perceive them to sound identical - the only reason I want a matching woofer is because I intend to keep the speakers and use them without grills.


I also have the other original K-22-e date code 67-8305 woofer in case someone has an original Klipsch K-22-e recone kit (although I suspect this is unobtainium).





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