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Shout Out To Texas Coast!


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I live just south of Austin, TX and have been getting a lot of rain and wind since very early Sat but the people on the Texas coast and inland have been hit hard by Harvey!!  The storm is just hanging around and dumping rain:wacko:.  The wind here at my house is not that bad but those hit directly by Hurricane Harvey had to deal with 130 mph winds.  


Just wanted to say keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  

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12 hours ago, seti said:

My sister is a paramedic outside of Houston and she is extremely busy. Fortunately her house is on higher ground and hasn't flooded.





It's people like your sister, and others willing to put themselves in harms way, that will get everyone through this disaster.

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I have a friend in El Campo.  Twenty-seven inches of rain and 15 forecast as of last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So far, his house is undamaged.  As of last night areas in Houston had received 35", the height of a La Scala.  :o


I used to design storm water facilities.  I cannot IMAGINE 42" of rain in 5-6 days.  The 2010 Nashville floods were caused by 3 days of rain, with 13.5" falling in one 24-hour period, a 5000-year rain event for Tennessee.  We were inches from losing 3 power plants.  We all thought THAT was the second coming of Noah. 


Lord, Bless and Keep all those people in South Texas!!!

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