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Help with Rear ATMOS Speakers

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Attached is a basic setup of my Theater Room.  I have extra speakers that I can use for ATMOS speakers until I get the proper ones.  (They will be R14M).  Currently I have the fronts sitting on top of my 280F's, facing the ceiling.  I have a 12' ceiling where they are facing, which makes about a 4' run around the theater room.  The center is what they call a tray ceiling and it goes up another 2-4 foot and has a place I can put speakers but would have to add the wiring, then have them facing downward.


So for the time, I have attached a basic layout of my theater room, and where the speakers are located.  I don't have a lot of choice where I put some of the speakers, but I could do some re-arranging.


1.  Where do you think I should put the rear ATMOS speakers?

2.  Are the front ATMOS (height speakers) okay for now, or should I try to mount them higher?

3.  Any suggestions on re-arranging the SUB's?


I know I need to get all the speakers to match, and eventually I will, but for now this is what I have to work with.


BTW.  I can tell a huge difference with the speakers hooked up to the Outlaw 7125 vs just going through the AVR!

Home Theater Setup.png

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I guess I am going to start by sitting the speakers on top of the SB speakers, facing up, and go from there.  I did this with the fronts, and I really can't tell any difference.  Maybe it's the source material I'm listening to.


Eventually I'll run some wire, and try it at different heights.  But since I don't currently have any back height speakers, I was really wanting to get the "right" speakers so I didn't waste my time or money, since my fronts may be the wrong type of speakers.


I'll do some more research, and see what would be best for my room setup.

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