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Slack - New option for unmoderated, off-topic conversations

Thaddeus Smith

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Just now, sputnik said:

Crap!  Been on the forum over 12 years and set a personal goal to qualify for the hidden forum when it was established a few years ago.  At my rate of posting, it would only have taken another 15 years to get to 5,000 posts.  Alas, another dream dies on the vine.


I weep for you sput, but you already have an alternative yet unused.

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1 hour ago, Thaddeus Smith said:

The purpose is just another means for folk to connect and chat in realtime about anything, without cluttering up the forum with tons of off-topic or thread crapping nonsense. It may take off and be a success.. but it likely won't.


7 minutes ago, Thaddeus Smith said:

Thread crapping sons of *******.


If it wasn't for "cluttering up the forum with tons of off-topic or thread crapping nonsense" there'd be no reason for me be here.  I feel like the earth is crumbling beneath my feet.

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On 12/13/2021 at 10:36 PM, TommyBond said:

what' your experience with slack? necessary for business?

It's really convenient. First of all, it's useful for communication within a certain company. I first faced with Slack with the beginning of the lockdown, when we worked remotely. We communicated with our co-workers within slack. It allows to create groups and categories, set reminders, etc. Then we also adjusted messaging via slack sms with our customers. It somehow reminds well-known social messengers like (Telegram or Messanger), but I'd say it's more structured.

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On 8/30/2017 at 3:11 PM, Thaddeus Smith said:

In order to ease some burden off of KGI's forum, I thought this might be a useful tool for people to hop on and use for general discussion.


What it is NOT:


It's more akin to IRC, and with the free license is limited to a revolving 10k messages across the entire team. So this should not be used for historical reference.

This is not meant to supplant any other alternatives out there. Hopefully, it merely supplements and serves are more of a drive by "jump in and chat in real time" solution.

This is not moderated, until I start get C&D notices from Slack.

This is not a forum, but I have added some channels which align loosely to common topics.

This is not an avenue for porn, illegal, or illicit activity. It will be the responsibility of the collective to bubble up infractions and help deal with them.

This is not a direct attack against this forum or its staff. I'm actually trying to help a little here.


What is IS:


Open to anyone

Open to any discussion.


If you're interested, head on over to https://join.slack.com/t/thenobs/shared_invite/MjM0MDQ1NzQyODM1LTE1MDQxMjY2MTYtNjFmOTgwNjE5Mg and sign up.

Awesome, thank you!


Edit, just realized the thread was over 4 years old, and the link has long been broken. Bummer.

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