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Forte or Heresy?


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I'm new here and in Klipsch world. I'm thinking about to buy a new speakers and some months ago I listened Klipschhorn and I felt in love, its aesthetics, sound, .... I'm living in Barcelona and there's no shops to listen them and compare.

I have a room of 25-30m2 (5x6) and I don't know which one could fit better to me. Forte is too much for this kind of room? It'd be better a Heresy? It's for music, mainly, jazz, soul and sometimes soulful house. 

Could you help me with amplifier as well? Nowadays I have a Cambridge Audio 640a (75wx4), Could it works till I get a better one? Any recommendation?


Many thanks guys

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Forte does not have a bigger footprint, only a bit taller, and will provide more bass.  You can then play with equalization and volume to suit your needs.  For that size room, you would do well with Forte, given both are available at reasonable prices.

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That 640a would do nicely with either of those speaker sets. What I have experienced F3 to H2 is better bass (passive radiator) cleaner & more detailed mids and highs (fresh drivers plus they're a newer design).

My Heresy IIs are from 1991 and unaltered, even if I refreshed the horn loaded drivers with Crites stuff I do not think they could replicate the detail and the imaging of the new Forte III midrange setup.


I'm really enjoying my Forte IIIs, they're also 3db more efficient than my Heresys are.

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Another vote for Forte III, I really like them.  As for the amp, I was sustaining about 110 db with rap songs with nothing but a 50 watt Marantz receiver.  So yeah I think you'd be fine for awhile.  Otherwise I've been having good luck with Parasound.  Halo P5 preamp and Halo A23 amp on some Fortes is a really nice setup.  

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Welcome to the forum.


3 hours ago, Ajimenez said:

Could you help me with amplifier as well? Nowadays I have a Cambridge Audio 640a (75wx4)

I have a 640A v2 driving my Heresy II's in my bedroom and I am more than pleased with the sound.


I love the Heresy/Heresy II as well as the Forte/Forte II but I think the Heresy has a more solid sound with more "accurate" punch, though it can't dig as deep as the forte'.  The Forte is a bit more placement picky but when dialed in just right it is magic.  The Heresy/Heresy II is placement friendly and if paired with a tight and punchy subwoofer blended well it can rival a pair of Cornwalls.



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I agree about the K-Horns. I first heard them decades ago.  In the first 30 seconds my perception of what good sound reproduction was all about changed forever.


The Heresy has merits.  They use a sealed box bass radiator and they have that limitation.    Basically they have no bass below 50 Hz or maybe higher.  


The Forte (I) on the other hand goes down to 32 Hz in advertisements and maybe that is a little, just a little, optimistic.  Still. You're getting about one (1) octave of more bass.  This is because of the larger box and the passive radiator.  It is taller than the Heresy of any vintage and you really need that height to put the mid and tweeter up to ear level when you're sitting.


A review of the Forte is here.


It may be true that K-Horns need a big room.  The Forte does not.  You'll be very happy with them if you can find a set in your area.








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I've had Heresy III and now have Forte III .  Forte wins. Powered by Parasound P5 and A23 for 2 channel listening. Clear pure sound with plenty of bass for me.


Bought the Heresys in September 2016. Klipsch announced the Fortes shortly afterwards. If I had known that I would have auditioned both and saved some money.


Then @MetropolisLakeOutfitters had a Parasound setup to listen to. So I bought the Parasound for two channel listening and a RC-64 II for a center for home theater function.  


Fortes sound fantastic. Don't see me buying any other LR speakers.

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I own since brand new, Forte II and added back Heresy III to serve as our rears.

I will never part with my Forte II, unless I was able to purchase Forte III as replacement.

Over the years, whenever I considered upgrading my fronts. After listening to many options, would return home and realize my Forte II were the ideal speaker. Yes, many friends have listen to them and said they were that great

Bottom line both great speakers, the Forte is the more flexible of the two. Good luck.

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The forte's (I or II and likely III?) are a much better speaker than the Heresy II or III and would easily be my first pick. The original Heresy can be updated / modified to sound as good or even better than the forte but it will never have the same amount of bass output or hit nearly as low, not that the bass from a Heresy cannot be adequate for some situations. For plug and play forte's hands down IMO.

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