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Which way to go?


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I am rebuilding my 2 LaScala's 1984 version. They have the not so liked AL crossovers. Give me some insight please. Do I go Crites AL-3 or change Tweeters to Crites 120 and go Crites 4500. I Will change the K55M to the A55G when funds exist.






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34 minutes ago, jmcamp54 said:

Especially from the Klipsch Guru jimjimbo, aka the LaScala king.

Well, that's not really true, I just like them a lot, and thankfully have had the chance to experiment with drivers and crossovers and etc, etc.  I have the 125's in my garage pair, and the 120's in one of my listening area pairs, and I do like the 120's just a bit better.  The A55G's are very worthwhile.  Enjoy your new toys.

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There's nothing wrong with K-55-Ms.  Replace when they fail.   

A Type AL-3 network is the better choice for your drivers.

Flush mount your K-77-M tweeters, or change to K-77-F or other tweeters that mount flush with the front of the cabinet.  That will reduce nastiness. 

Wrap the squawker horn with Dynamat or rope caulk.


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