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I have a 9.2 receiver.

I am considering buying the Atmos System: Qty=1 - RP-280 5.1.4 DOLBY ATMOS® System, and maybe a 2nd subwoofer.

Q1: Do the RP-140SA Elevation Speakers go on top of the rear speakers?

Q1a: Do putting the elevation speakers on top of the rear speakers really add to the sound field?

Q2: Are the Qty=4 -  RP-240S or RP-250S recommended for for the 6,7,8 and 9 of the 9.1 system?

I have seen Klipsch ads where a stand used for the left and right middle speakers.

Q3:Does Klipsch have a stand where, on the side speakers, I can attach one of the RP-250s, for example, at ear level and the other significantly above it for the ceiling effect?


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The RP-140SA's are advertised to go on top of the front main speakers.  I don't know much about Atmos proper, but that's their design.


As for the rest...direct firing speakers are generally preferred at the rear, with WDST surrounds on the sides.  I don't know of any stands that do what you're asking, but that isn't to say you couldn't build one.  I'm sure its possible.

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