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I have IIs for surround speakers, and like them.  Haven't heard the IIIs.  Not all Is are the same.  Borrowed a set (all drivers working) ~~30 years ago that was very dull sounding.  I've heard several Is that were tangy and cortex tingling.  I guess of the Is v.s. the IIs, the IIs sound more neutral and natural, and the Is more jazzy and piquant -- providing you don't get a dull one.  The dull ones I borrowed may have been an early version, intended to be a center speaker back when PWK first started providing "Wide Stage Stereo" in about 1959???

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3 hours ago, John Albright said:

I like the pre-'82 Heresy Is.  They have the solder terminal K-55-Vs and K-77-M tweeters.  That configuration has the "Klipsch Sound" I first loved. 


Sadly, I have never been able to listen to HIIIs to know the difference. 


I agree.  That's what I meant by "tangy, cortex tingling, jazzy and piquant," -- a lot like live instruments, except in the bass below about 70 Hz. 

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