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How many watts for a amplifier when pair with RP-160M?

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Guest wdecho

From the 6Moons review of the Firstwatt SIT-3,





* To see how much gas your system guzzles, install a basic SPL meter app on your smartphone. If you find yourself listening to below 80dB, you never exceed 1 watt of power despite distance losses. If your peaks hit 90 and your speakers are rated at a low 85dB, you're 5dB over what 1 watt delivers at 1 meter. Now you may need 5-10 watts (a doubling of power for every 3dB) depending on how far away you sit. In short, for most people and speakers, 25 watts into 8Ω tend to be beaucoup. If you mean to get by on a lot less, either your speaker sensitivity has to go up or your listening levels down. This isn't rocket science. If you hear people argue about necessary headroom for musical realism, a software player like PureMusic includes a peak meter. Turning that on, you'll notice that most popular music has a dynamic range of less than 10dB. To get to a window of 20dB to 30dB between quietest and loudest passages tends to require symphonic music. In a front-row balcony seat during Bizet's 'Carmen', I measured peaks never exceeding 90dB. Ditto for a 12th row center seat in Montreux's Strawinsky Hall during 'Sacre'. You can listen a lot louder at home. Just don't call it realistic or life-like (unless you sit front row during a symphony or attend irresponsibly deafening stadium Rock).


Especially pay attention to this statement from reviewer, (Turning that on, you'll notice that most popular music has a dynamic range of less than 10dB." So much for the dispute of dynamic range needed per watt argument. If you read the entire review you will find comparing of this 10 watt amplifier using conventional speakers against 300 watt high end amplifiers. With efficient horn speakers one should be more concerned with quality than quantity in an amplifier. Especially with horns that show much more detail than one gets with conventional speakers.


When younger I was a believer, as most are, that more has to be better. I now know better having many tube amplifiers with less than 5 watts and many class A amplifiers with less than 25 watts. Yes I also have 300 watt amplifiers as well. Lately I have been listening with 94db full range speakers using same amplifiers missing nothing watt wise. For those interested I have noticed not as much detail with the full range speaker compared to my horns but the full range open baffle Fostex speakers do sound very good using the bass bin of my LaScala for the bass below 250hz. Just playing, still loving my horns.



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16 hours ago, babadono said:

😖May the coulombs be with you.


What??? :lol:   Have you been reading the physics dictionary again? 




plural noun: coulombs
  1. the SI unit of electric charge, equal to the quantity of electricity conveyed in one second by a current of one ampere.


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Welcome to the forum.


I have no opinion about the Outlaw but I know some happy RR-2160 owners on this forum should chime in to share their experience.

I do know this, plenty of power for your Klipsch floorstanders.



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