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Avast me hearties!

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Ahoy Mates! It do be that feast day uv Cap'n Slappy and 'Ol Chumbucket. Indeed sez I, it be that day we've been chartin' a course for all year:




    So hie thee to the rigging and prepare to be boarded! Grab yer favorite wench, shove off to yer favorite grog shop and invest the poop deck! Keelhaul the bilge rats, un- bury yer treasure and enjoy yer booty. Yo ho ho and a bottle uv rum. Fire up the horn pipe and call all hands on deck. Move smartly me lads for bung hole has been un stoppered and the grog be flowing. Pipe Cap'n Jack aboard, unfurl the Jolly Roger, spill a libation to Neptune, and let the festivities begin!

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3 hours ago, JBCODD said:

Shiver me timbers, fire on the poop deck!  Termites in me peg leg!

My Uncle used to say that....shiver me timbers!

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