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Heresy lll


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Hey guys. I have an amp question in relation to the Heresy lll.

I have a Primare i22 that i don't use anymore and i have been seriosly considering getting a pair of Heresy speakers. They will be playing a turntable and something Spotify related. Propably a Bluesound Node 2. 

I have read that they really like tubes though. So would a somewhat new integrated like the i22 be a stupid match?



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Used 50 watts class AB solidstate and class D with H3. Sounded great overall. Changed the amp to a 3 watts SET recently and found out it's a better match. But from my demo with Primare a while ago, think it's a great amp, quiet, clean sounding, and taut bass. You won't see it's a bad match. I think H3 shows its own character well regardless of the amps if it's a good one. Still recommending a warm tube if possible based on my personal experience...

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