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Will R6i On-Ear microphone work with Android?

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I would like to entertain the idea of face-timing with friends that are way out of my time zone. Thus I have to be quiet about it to not wake anyone up at home.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 10" tablet that I use for the face-timing but the earbuds that came with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone really suck rocks. So I'd like to know if the R6i On-Ear's mic would work even though the web-site only mentions Apple products.


Thx everyone!

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I don't know about the r6i specifically, but other "i" versions of klipsch's headphone were not Android compatible except for mic and listening... no skip forward or answering.

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All right, just got my R6i On Ear's yesterday ($45 at Dealfisher on Amazon Prime)...and there's some good news.  The sound and the microphone does work with the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. I'm told the microphone picks up my voice very well. The volume controls didn't work and the track control.....well....it does work to a point. But I have to play with that some more.


No critical listening has been done yet, all I've had through them is some low-grade MP4's.

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