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screw box improvement in speaker cables


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Bilateral symmetry is important.  Count the screws -- including those in furniture, book shelves, etc. -- to the right and left of your room center, as well as noting their length and stoutness.   Make sure that the total volume of screws to either side is the same.


What appear to be African bowls in the picture below (on the wall, dead center and on top of each Klipschorn) are really Sound Invigorating Modules (SIMs).  They improve dynamics and transient response, as well as SIMulating concert hall acoustics.  They also create an image of greater than 12 horizontal  areas, and a like number of depth loci.  Pay no attention to the Belle buried in the center panel of the wall.  Available from about $10K up, depending on diameter.  Google them.



The small white dots in the picture are not visible to the naked eye, but they sometimes show up in photographs.  They emanate from the SIMs.  A video of them would reveal their purpose.  They float around a room checking for image movement.  If, say, a solo violinist is swaying from side to side, driving you crazy, they coalesce around the soloist and immobilize him or her.  This function can be switched out for movies. 


The SIMs also check the visual image of any movie you happen to be showing.  If the original happened to be a curved screen presentation, as in Cinerama or Todd-AO, they curve the image for you, even though your screen is flat.



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