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Best DIY subwoofer?


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2 hours ago, Rudy81 said:

Just amazing in my book.  I have been playing with this stuff for years and have never seen that kind of relatively flat room response. 

That's cool.  I've always wanted 4 subs, one on each wall, but never had the "room" for it.  Once I read the Harman white paper, it made perfect sense as to why.

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57 minutes ago, Rudy81 said:

The REW software has two preset configurations.  One puts the subs in the 4 room corners.  The other puts the subs at the 4 wall mid-points.  The two options are certainly way better in room interaction than putting them all in one location. 


I figured I had some time to kill and why not move those 200+ pound behemoths around my room.  I ran frequency measurements and much to my surprise, the response was close to what  REW predicted.  I had also been reading that the subs should NOT be left on the floor for optimum performance....and that was correct also.  Due to the configuration of my build, I can place the driver 4' in the air without placing them on any other surface.  So, I played with the software for hours trying to make the response as flat as possible.  I then configured the subs as indicated by the response.  The results are amazing in my book.  I get a very flat room response in LF without ANY EQ.  Just amazing in my book.  I have been playing with this stuff for years and have never seen that kind of relatively flat room response. 


I now have my subs at various heights and positions throughout the room and they sound really amazing.  I plan on taking more measurements today for comparison.  

the harmon papers are the best baseline for starting points.


nothing replaces lots of measurements

i spent probably 200 hours measuring moving and fine tuning and learning

my goal was to have every seat identical

after a while new changes not only dont improve response but degrade it...thats when u know you are close


my 3 couch seats even in a l shaped room are identical within a few db and response is flat no dips or peaks

position is the hard part, after that setting delays on each sub and eq are the final steps to greatness


i use what would be considered 2 minimarties and 2 martycubes. 

the big ones are ultimax18s, the cubes are legacy 15s with a strong midbass slam.  couldnt be happier 👍

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1 hour ago, Rudy81 said:

If you guys have a link to the Harman paper, please let me know.  I would like to read it and compare to what I have learned from other sources concerning multiple sub setups.

This is probably where other sources got their info from.



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On 2/24/2018 at 6:49 PM, nd-irish147 said:

How would a full marty compare to a 18" wide tuba ht? 


I have not heard a tuba ht.  I chose the Marty for ease of build and for the ability to customize the dimensions of the cabinet.  Turns out my build worked out great for my layout.  I have 4 rather large subs in the room and they are not as noticeable in size and aesthetics as one would think. 

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3 hours ago, Khornukopia said:


What are your thoughts after a few weeks of listening enjoyment?


So far, I am still thrilled with the performance.  Certainly in terms of pure output from the individual subs, but I am also very impressed with the system response having spread out the subs around the room in all 3 dimensions.

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