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Heresy HWO serial number help

Randal V.

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I looked up your 2270, now I have a better idea of what you're saying.


Re the Bose 301:  It is not as efficient as the H2, I would guess somewhere around 90 db per watt at one meter whereas the H2 is probably around 98 db.  The H2 will make much better use of the power.  Bottom line, if it were me I'd take the 301's out of the mix.


In terms of Mains and Remote speakers, this is personal preference.  I personally don't like two sets of speakers hooked up and playing at the same time in a receiver like you have because it makes all four speakers a little more dull and lifeless.  I like the dynamics from using a single set of speakers, it just sounds better to my ears.  Using two sets of speakers gives a more well rounded sound for a room, but not as exciting.


I've never run 4 sets of Heresy's out of one receiver so I would suggest you try it for yourself and see how it sounds to your ears.  I've run the 4 speaker setup before but with lessor quality, lower efficiency speakers.  The Heresy's demand less power and might sound better than my setup did.



I'm still not sure why you are getting "popping" out of your woofers.  If you are using a turntable then you can get the pop from that, but if you run the tuner or some other source I would not expect the pop.  



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Thanks for your insight. I listen to only vinyl. I use quality vintage decks with quality carts. and stylus. No hum what so ever. I guess I’m pushing the boundaries of  amp power and heavy bass as a previous member replied. I will experiment some options. One thing is I also run external super tweeters which one thing the H1s don’t need. They are all ready heavy on mid and high from the factory. The heavy highs I get cause me to boost the bass. Sounds great but maybe unnecessary. If I back the bass up I’m sure I won’t get the popping. 

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On 10/17/2017 at 6:11 PM, Randal V said:

........equalizer a no no? With receivers bass, mid, treble set to flat. It’s not hooked up but I did purchase one. 


No, not really, if used gently.  Your Marantz is rated at 70 wpc into either 4 or 8 ohms.  That would be about 35 watts each into 4 speakers.  If you are cranking your Heresies, you might be hitting 20 watts into each one.  If you add +3 dB of bass, you have doubled the power to each speaker at the frequencies the bass knob affects.  Now you are asking for 40 watts/ch on that booming bass drum and the amp can't deliver.  Clipping.  Extra highs sent to the tweeter, flat topped wave sent to the woofer heating its voice coil more.  Average power increased, more heat.  There is a thermal limit and then the magic smoke escapes.  :( 

So, more EQ means less loud.  But, an EQ can be used to reduce some room effects. 


Any sound of strain, harshness, brittleness, muddiness or lack of clarity are the early signs of clipping.  They should sound crystal clear; if not, you have some amount of clipping. 


If your Heresies have less bass than you want, be sure they are on the floor.  Move them closer to a wall and/or a corner to reinforce bass frequencies.  If that is not enough, we have some crossover mods that will help. 


On 10/18/2017 at 6:44 AM, Randal V said:

Is it maybe a case of too much of a good thing with having two sets of Heresys for the receiver I’m using? I definitely want a remote set of speakers going. Does it change things if I go to maybe a Bose 301, which is a 2 way speaker, perhaps?


No, never Blose!  The number of drivers, "ways", a speaker has only affects its cost and performance, nothing amplifier related.  That 2270 should drive 4 Heresies with great aplomb.  Just have a gentle hand on the throttle.  Lots of '70s receivers can hit full output with the volume knob at 10 o'clock.  Almost all will by 1 o'clock. 


Do you have an owner's maanual? http://www.vintageshifi.com/repertoire-pdf/pdf/telecharge.php?pdf=Marantz-2270-Owners-Manual.pdf

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29 minutes ago, Musik88 said:

I just picked a set of Heresy serial 8L264 not sure how old they are. Just wondering will they work well  with a pair of Klh's from early 60's I think. 


Just do an internet search for Klipsch serial number decoder.  👍

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