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Oppo BDP 105D

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A very sad day for Oppo digital and Oppo owners me included

Farewell Oppo and thanks for your amazing build quality, impeccable sound and vision and astonding value for money

You will be deeply missed


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There is an audible difference in the 105 and 205.  It was a major issue for me since my Grateful Dead collection is all HDCD.  The 203 and 205 do not have HDCD capability.  I stuck with the 105 and have been totally happy.  Bulletproof unit.

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14 hours ago, USNRET said:

I just found this !!!!!



@whatever55 so with Oppo closing down I will order a 205 if you buy my 105D as long as the 205 remains available.

Screw it, I ordered a 205


Very sad to hear this.  I have 3 DVD players, 103, 103D, 105, 203, Headphones PM-1 and PM-3, and headphone amp HA-1.  

Since I got an Amazon Fire TV and loaded Kodi, I haven't used the Blu-rays much.  I tend to think that will be the trend, mostly streamed content.


RIP Oppo

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18 hours ago, USNRET said:

For @whatever55 or anyone else interested in a Oppo BDP-105D


Option 1: my friend in Atlanta (known, ate, partied and traded with for 10+ years) has one for sale: $800 net plus shipping

     1) purchased last month from Magnolia Design Center as a CD demo unit on one of their McIntosh systems

         -has 4 year transferable Magnolia warranty (the transfer and warranty works, I can testify)

         -has factory remote and power cord, no manual

         -he has ordered box (no markings) from Oppo, shipping tomorrow

         -he has ordered wireless dongle recommended by Oppo from Amazon

         -he will pack in factory supplied box and overbox then ship at cost including overbox cost; again $800 net

         -I did not think to ask about firmware version; I will text now to ask
         -he assures the unit is absolutely mar free

Option 2: my -105D purchased when they came out for $800 net plus shipping. If you want it over boxed, you pay. I get a small UPS discount
          - factory box, manual, power cord, remote, wireless dongle...whatever it came with I have

          - perfect condition and has latest service firmware

Interested in mine let me know.

Interested in Greg's let me know and I will give you his contact number (he is a non-klipsch guy sooooooooo)

Thank for the kind offer, but I will have to pass. I have an 83SE which has some problems and OPPO does not have the part or will tell me where I can purchase it so with that  I do not want to take another chance......  I will be looking for something else.

Thanks again

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