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For Sale, a pair of Forte III, BNIB, in Distressed Oak


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I habe a pair of Brand new Forte III's in distressed oak that I am not going to be using. 


I bought this pair new, as soon as they came out, and my dealer had them shipped to me on a crate about 2-3 months ago. I still have them boxed, never opened them, and I feel I have too many speakers to keep them, so I will stick with my Forte II's.


Price: 3,000 dollars for the pair, with pick up from Brownfield TX, (zip 79316). Local Pick up only. 


I only took them off the crate, and moved them to the house,  and never opened the boxes. the full US warranty remains in effect. I bought them from a designated Klipsch dealer. 


I am not interested in shipping them.


If anybody is in a driving distance, and interested those babies are re ready for pick up.



forte3 1.jpg

forte3 4.jpg

forte3 3.jpg

forte3 2.jpg

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1 hour ago, pallpoul said:

I am not interested in shipping them

That's no doubt best. I can understand not opening them to keep them NIB, and can subscribe to not shipping. It's a catch 22 if a buyer want's to see and hear them, but they are NIB. :o

I want to see them. :)

Although I am not in the market for the F3, I hope to own a pair of them. 


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Also sorry, but new in box unopened doesn't necessarily mean they are in pristine shape. My F3's arrived with significant damage, multiple flaws, and were returned. Listing pictures of the box without taking 5 minutes to open them up is akin to going with what's under door #2. It might be a dream....or a dud. No offense meant to the OP.

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