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Juicy Music Peach


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being i recently purchased a matching INSPIRE by DENNIS HAD amplifier and preamplifier,  I'm going to sell a Juicy Music Peach in perfect working condition...  purchased it here on this site about two and a half years ago from a forum member... from what i understand  it had been given the latest updates , including the RCA connectors placed in the chassis instead of board, and the 6h30 tube upgrade... i looked inside and it has (1)Sovtek 6h30-EB, (1)Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88, and  (1)GAA 45E3 tubes in it .... the price is 925 shipped in the continental usa....  that is a lot less than i payed for it but i did put some use on it, this should be a good deal for someone....the unit itself is really nice and clean looking, the cabinet not the best but still looks ok... 





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Schu, I got the Triode single ended 6550 with a LP-3a preamplifier .... as far as comparing the two amps,  that would be a real shootout...   they both sound good, the dynaco was built by someone learning to build amps and i invested my money in him a learning, he is from jacksonville fl and i think he did a wonderful job, it has a black wood panel on it also, custom built...

Ill  hook it back up tonight and take a listen again after listening to something else...   i do know it has more upper range weight than the 6550... the 6550 has more bottom and a more full mid...   i think... , i just not sure how i want to hear it.... i feel the 6550 has more bass than i want, but rolling tubes to get it better....    maybe ill hook up my dynaco and compare them tonight, a good listening session...  yes, thats it, a listening session... with a smile..... tubes im a playing with

NOS tungsol 6550
MELZ (6H9C) / 6SL7 / 1579
Mullard-Blackburn 5AR4/GZ34
Sylvania 6SN7GT 
CBS/ Hytron 6SN7GT
Shuguang Treasure Cv181-Z
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20 hours ago, Davecv41 said:

There's a bridge rectifier fastened to the bottom of the cabinet below the transformer in the top picture.


It also looks like some diodes where the tube rectifier used to be.  This must have been a change Mark made later in the life of the Peach.  This Peach is just like mine, and appears to be one of the earliest.  While I still have tube rectification I did send mine back for all the available upgrades at the time as well.  Mine is 11 years old and I'm listening to it right now with some VRDs and lascalas.


This is a great preamp.  Should last for many years and price is very fair.

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I was listening to it last night hooked up to the Dennis Had Inspire amp...   it sounded wonderful.... I wished it had all 6922 tubes in it, I would buy myself  3 really nice tubes and would reconsider selling it...  I just dont see many tube rolling options with the 6h30 tube...  that being said, i know everyone likes that tube..  If it doesn't sell I might have the 6h30 upgrade reversed if that is possible..

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When mine was 6922 it had a little more "3D" effect on the sound stage.  But the preamp had significant HISS.  I believe that was one main motivator for Mark in going to the 6H30.


A good buddy of mine had his reversed and went back to the 6922............I was over his house (earlier this year we did this) and a couple of us just basically told him to turn it off.  The hiss was that loud.  I used to listen to that and just deal with it.  But now it jumps out at me.  Stray noise in an audio system drives me crazy.  Not acceptable.


I think the 6H30 is way better, a clearer quieter presentation as well and one reason I have enjoyed my Peach all these years.  It's still very competitive for what it is at the price point.


The other change Mark made was to Auricap output caps.  I did not have Mark make that change to mine.  I am an Auricap freak.  All my stuff has them.  But in the Peach the Hovlands are fantastic IMHO, and so I have left them in there.

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I didn't notice a hiss with my Peach II.  It was a later model with the SS rectification, all the latest mods, and used a 6H30 tube.  I personally think a lot of the noise rumors have to do with the 6922 family of tubes.  I LOVE the sound of these tubes, but finding quiet ones is not an easy task.  And when you do find them, they are expensive.  


I have a Super Merlin right now.  It is tube rectified, uses a 6H30 and still nearly as quiet as my SS Audio Research preamp.  


I think for $925 shipped, this is a great deal for someone.  For anyone in doubt, these preamps sound great.  Very musical.  Frankly, I'm surprised it is still here.         

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Yes, I believe the main source of hiss was the tubes.  The preamp design is also no feedback.  That played into it as well especially if you had noisy tubes.  But also the Juicy sound came from that no feedback design too.


Way back when I used to buy lots of the NOS JAN Philips 6922s (pretty low priced NOS) and weeded them out for noise and microphonics and had very few good ones.  But the good ones were very good.  Had some bugle Boys that were very good too.  All in all never was quiet like with the 6h30 though.

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