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37 minutes ago, Schu said:

What's all the buzz about?

I go out of town a good bit, working outages at power generating plants...  headed to Watts Bar in Tennessee..... i didnt want to take the peach with me being no one has showed an interest in it....  if i thought anyone wanted it i would take it with me, but as of now no... thats the only buzz i know of...lol

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Hope your visit to Watts Bar was nice.  You were in my territory. 


As for the hiss conversation, my (early model) Peach has it.  Interestingly (to me), it has the MOST hiss when the gains are anywhere other than full on or full off.  I asked Mark about it, he agreed...  said it had something to do (technical talk) about the two sides of the tube, circuit or something (it's been 10 years so pardon my memory)


anyway, he agreed that the further away I got from the middle, the less noise I'd have.  The noise would be very quiet....would grow & grow until knobs were essentially at 50% gain, then as you continued on...the noise would subside.


Way over my head!!



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