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Paul W. Klipsch 06.21.1954 Interview

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What is so cool for me is the realization that in the 50s there was no real sense amongst anyone that sound could be reproduced.....at all.  yes they had phonograph players but we all know how good they were.....well those of us over 40


You think of history science and technology and realize we are living in the birth of sound reproduction

we didnt miss it like so many advances....loved this interview


its so basic what she asks yet his answers touch of deep topics like low frequency wavelengths

im proud to use Klipsch....prouder now after hearing this


lol anyone with a Klipschorn here he explains it....as he says a JOKE at first!


woofer term used in 54

midrange is a "squawker"

then tweeter


he never says klipschorn but i asuume they were looking at a brochure with the name on it


his voice has that authoritative tone of "real men" of gravitas and respect.

i enjoyed this as much as anything klipsch related absolutely delightful ☺


listen to the final minute you hear an announcement regarding the mccarthy senate hearings wow what a clip this is

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