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32 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

First pressings that I googled for at various stores then discogs, amazon, ebay.

For one defined as NM or better, from the year it came out..... (for the second time this week, I'll say) priceless!!

what I see on ebay......the cds are

grabbing the $$$....


but vinyl $20+

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Thanks @dirtmudd. When the dumb-dumbs ins comes to an agreeable figure, I'll start looking again.

Last time I looked at that one was months ago when it was a topic at one of the threads here. Waiting for the codeine to work so I can finish the yard, eating the steering wheel is no fun. But I've got things to do and I'm two days behind already<_< 

feel a little like a powerslave!Untitled.jpg

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