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Should I get a second R-12SW or get one SVS SB-1000?


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a smooth responding sub will need that higher volume to make you happy but i understand...as the baby grows it all changes every few months


the svs sub dsp is not adjusting to your room...it is built in to make it perform well in the box they built it for.  it helps make the response flat down to 20.


put the sub a foot out of the corner and listen to it...then move it out more or less based upon what you like

once it sounds good recalibrate and dial it in and try again


the car sub has a whole other set of attributes but most likely you like your car sub to sound like your 12sw....you havent measured and used the dsp but if you smoothed the response it would be more like the svs


describe the room...is it open to other rooms....big ?



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Unfortunately, I can't move it any more until after Christmas now that the tree is up.  If it's me, I can live with that.  I'll keep using it and go from there.


The room is 17'x14 if I remember correctly and does have approximately 8' openings on the left side to the foyer and hallways and on the rear to the kitchen/dining.  

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This does seem a little odd to me.  The PC-2000 should best the 12sw in all frequencies and volumes, with much cleaner and controlled output.  I suppose if the 12sw has some exaggerated boom for more perceived bass that could be at least a part of what you are hearing.  But it sounds more extreme than just that from what you've said so far.  


Placement does matter of course, but work with what you got.  Maybe when you have time you can do a sub crawl to figure out the old school way where the sub works best for the main listening position. (Or you could get fancy with mics and meters).


Have you tried to test with the YPAO out of the picture? Just run it direct, no adjustments to levels, all speakers crossed at 80hz and listen to test/bass frequency tones.  I'd start with the sub level in the AVR at 0, the subwoofer/bass gain in the AVR at 0, and the sub itself set to 50% gain. What DSP are you using?  


You probably know this - there are a few places in the Yamaha to adjust the sub/bass.  

What YPAO adjusts is here:

On-Screen > Setup > Manual Setup > Level

Then there is:

Option > Subwoofer/Bass > Subwoofer trim +/- and Extra bass On/Off

Also you have the classic Treble / Bass adjustment options:

Option > Tone Control > Treble +/-  and Bass +/-  - with YPAO engaged this is usually set to "bypass"

Finally, depending on what model AVR you have, you should have the option to create your own parametric EQ:

On-Screen > Setup > Manual Setup > Parametric EQ - with that I imagine you can bump up certain frequencies if you feel like the PC-2000 is too flat.  


I leave my YPAO on "natural", but do adjust some levels after a calibration.  


I like bass, and I like it to be a little hotter than flat most of the time.


I have a large-ish room to fill (14x22), that opens up into the rest of the house on 2 sides.  I have a SB13ultra in the corner, which is not enough sub for the space.  Regardless it rattles the house with music and movies, and produces much better bass response throughout the range it lives in than the RF-7II do when run on their own with a full signal.  I run it a bit hot, but not max.   I also have Yamaha AVRs and haven't had any signal issues with different models (760, 860 and 3070).  Granted my sub should be pretty good since it's the ultra, but it's also sealed - where something like the PC-2000 outperforms it in some ways thanks to the port.  


In the garage I have a Yamaha 860, and an old outlaw lfm-1 sub.  That sub at 50% is almost too much for the garage, which is about 600 sq/ft.  (the PC-2000 is a much better sub than the outlaw lfm-1).  


In the office (10x15) I have a cute little SB-1000.  At 50% that sub can be overwhelming in this small space, depending on the music.  Helps that the office is not open space like the living room, provides a lot more room gain.  


We do have "normal" low ceilings, 8' high.

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I forgot to update this.  I think this sub may not have been used much because it seems to have gotten a little louder with more use and is breaking in.  I also have played with the settings more and it's now pretty good when listening to music.  I'd still like a little more bass for music but I can't afford a second SVS sub right now and this is mainly for TV and movies anyway, which sound great. 


I am aware of the multiple places to adjust the sub levels and my receiver does have the parametric EQ that I can change (but I haven't tried manually since I have no experience in it).  I ended up setting the main level for the subwoofer at -3 db (this was advised by the guys on AVS Forum) and the gain on the SVS is set in the 3 o'clock position.  The extra bass option has been turned on since I first setup this receiver and I have never adjusted the subwoofer trim in that section.  I did raise the bass in the tone control menu to + 2 db (which I was told on AVS that this would increase base to the left and right speakers).  I listened to a bunch of different types of music for about an hour with it setup like that and I won't be returning the SVS (unless the Klipsch 115 gets put on sale for $400 before my return window goes away).

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I'm starting the see the slippery slope with subwoofers people talk about.  I ended up finding a somewhat local PSA S1500 subwoofer for sale and I picked it up.  Now I'm torn on which one to keep.  I really like the tighter sound of the sealed S1500 better and it sounds much better for music but the PC-2000 does have better output on the low end.  Based on what I now know, I don't think the bass is really going to be able to be felt without a second subwoofer due to the size of this room and being that it's open to other rooms.  I think I'm leaning toward keeping the PSA, the wife likes the size of it better so maybe I'll get some brownie points.

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