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I’m searching for a pair of HERESY SLANT MONITORS


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  • I think I may have the first pair of Heresy Slants ever made. In the fall of ‘78 I visited the factory outside of Hope, Ark.  Got the grand tour from a young man working there. When I saw a Slant Monitor (for stage use), I asked about it. Was told it was not for home use.  I asked if they would put regular Heresy drivers in a cabinet like that for me ?   He asked, they said yes and made me a pair. Mine were finished just like the stage ones.  Black that looks like truck bed coating with extra protection on the corners.  Very utilitarian.....looks like something a band would haul around.
  •   I’m in S.C. if anybody is interested,
  •      Freddy Felder
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This is kind of late in the thread but I have 2 pair of Industrial Heresy Slant Monitors, both with the fiberglass covered cabinets, aluminum trim and handles (every available option). Both pair are in new condition with the following exceptions. The aluminum trim on one pair only has a few scuffs, scratches and looks almost mint from a few feet away, the other pair the aluminum trim is more scuffed and scratched but doesn't look that bad (pictures available upon request). With these exceptions they speakers are in mint condition with absolutely no scuffs or scratches on the cabinets with all components working perfect. I would be willing to part with one or both pair but they wont be cheap as these in this condition are almost impossible to find.  Mack

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