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more RF-7III pics

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8 hours ago, larrylcall said:

What do you notice the most over the rp28f's?


The compression driver is just in a totally different league than the 280F's.  They're voiced similarly at low volume but higher volume these stay smooth and the listening fatigue is nearly nonexistent compared to other similar models.  I think the bass is better as well, kick drums just have this commanding and super tight presence that I don't believe is there with the cheaper models.  May be related to the new enclosure tweaks, not sure.  

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On 11/11/2017 at 11:31 AM, MetropolisLakeOutfitters said:


I'm really digging the RF-7III.  Bass from kick drums are surprisingly tight and punchy.  The new horn just isn't sharp /  bright / fatiguing like the old one could be, just not an issue at all, you can really crank them.  Upper midrange is more pronounced on the Fortes which is awesome for blues guitar and female vocals, things like that.  At this point I'm liking the RF-7III better for rock especially at decent volumes, at least when there isn't any EQ involved.  Just buy both. :)  

Well, well............Klipsch FINALLY put the advertisement for the release of the RF 7 - 3's in my email a couple days ago...     I have been waiting for this since CES back in the beginning of this year..


Anyway, I think it is a hoot that they are now upgraded with the features of the Reference Premier line with the silicone horn and Tractrix rear ports as well...   Love my RP-280F's   :emotion-21:


DO enjoy your brand new RF 3's sir :D and keep us posted on more thoughts as you play more music through them.....

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