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ALK Crossovers ap12-600, ES5800


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 A set of AlK engineering  Crossover set. two ea. AP12-600,  and two ea. ES 5800 extreme slope. 

  • AP12-600 
  • This one is intended for the Belle Klipsch or the La Scala using squawker drivers or horns that will not safely go down to 500 Hz. The crossover is at 600 Hz.  This the preferred crossover for The Klipsch Cornwall, Cornwall II, and Corn Scala , Corn Altec etc.  These have the midrange level adjustable Autoformer 1 db steps.  These are $350 new plus fedex shipping .   
  • ES 5800  

    The 5800 Hz crossover is the recommended frequency for most applications. All versions uses ClarityCaps in the signal path to the tweeter EXCEPT the ES7500. Solen astCaps are used as ClarityCaps are not available in the required value for that crossover frequency.

    All have adjustable tweeter level settings of 0, -3, -5, -7 and -9 dB attenuation. Auto former . 

    The bi-amp version allows mid-range setting from 3 to 18 dB in 1 dB steps.      These are $ 420 new plus fedex 

  • I will sell both sets together  $700  fedex included to Continental/Contiguous USA

    call, text or email

    5one2 590 9234




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Oh well, same thing happened to me.  I heard a set of these when I bought the Cornwalls but the guy would not sell the crossovers. So I ordered a set and then he lets me know they are for sale !  Best thing ever for the Klipsch. I had the B3 klipsch crossovers and these made a dramatic improvement all across the board. And contrary to some opinions, they sound great at all volume levels, low , medium, and high. 




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