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RF-82 ii vs Icon vf-36 floorstandings


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I was wondering what everyone’s opinions are on the rf-82 ii as compared to the older Icon vf-36. I was offered to be gifted the Icons which I don’t know much about, but I instead wanted and purchased the rf-82 ii’s For $400 out the door. Everyone’s thoughts are much appreciated.

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RF-82IIs all the way.  The VF-36 Icons were big box store varieties that IMO, looked cheaply built, though were pretty hefty at or near 55 pounds and were the Synergy replacements.  Of course I only heard them in a huge Best Buy store showroom which did not give them any justice.  Now since you have absolutely no $$$ invested in the VF-36, the the bang for the buck ratio is off the charts.  Use them in another room until you decide what your plan is.



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I have owned the Icon VF 35, and 36.  I have also had the pleasure of owning the RF 7 and RF 7II.  If you already have the RF 82's, keep or buy them for $400.  I have the say, the Icon V series is no slouch and are excellent speakers.  I have sold several Reference models, and Forte I speakers and still have the Icon VF 35's in my family room since 2011.  That is how much I like them.  The V series has a beautiful piano gloss finish and can handle as much power as a comparable Reference speaker.


I always though the horn design was special for the Icon V,X and W series.  It may have given rise to the RP series.  These speakers all have great SQ  and build.


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