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Trouble Update The Three and getting Source LED


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@Ri_ 's post was the solution to my issue as well. Thanks so much! Similar story: I bought the unit second-hand online, had it shipped. Connection must've come lose during shipping. With those directions it took about 5 minutes to fix.


Use a very small flathead screwdriver to carefully pry the back panel off. I'm glad I had a small screwdriver set for repairing laptops and such. 

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Hi, all. I have the Three II and encountered this same issue. Seems that Klipsch must've learned from earlier mistakes and that wire the last few posts mentioned is now glued on each end to the connectors on the boards. So no issue here with wires disconnecting. I've checked the other connections and all the unglued ones also seem pretty secure. Nothing looks out of the ordinary. 

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