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WTB - single K401 *No longer needed


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I made a two way center using two 400's with a couple of 10" woofers for my TSCM speakers in my theater.   Used Selenium 220ti for the drivers and a 600 hz crossover with absolutely great results.   I have a great timber match to my modified TSCM.      I used a sealed acoustic suspension box and my rough measurements suggest my low frequency fall off is about 50 hx and the top is beyond my hearing.     


As a second test I fed white noise from my Marantz to the TSCM and then to the center.    The sound was remarkably similar.  [Better in fact than my two RS-52 which you would think would be identical.  I have checked close to a dozen sets of speakers with white noise and when compared they are distressingly dissimilar.]

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